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Johnite participates in Dancing with the stars Florida style for a good cause

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Naresh Menezes, MD Represents Access Health Care at “Celebrity Dancing With the Local Stars”

May 21, 2015




Spring Hill, Florida (May 22, 2015) – Access Health Care announces that Naresh Peter Menezes, MD recently participated in NAMI Hernando’s fund raiser Celebrity Dancing With the Local Stars on May 16 at Silverthorn Country Club. Dr. Menezes was one of seven participants which included Florida State Senator Wilton Simpson, Florida State Representative Blaise Ingoglia, Hernando County Commissioner Diane Rowden, Hernando County Superintendent of Schools Lori Romano, WREC’s David Lambert and Bayfront Health Brookville and Spring Hill’s Valerie Ciaccio. The fund raiser was emceed by Hernando County Administrator Len Sossamon.



Over $150,000 was raised with a net profit of over $80,000 for NAMI (National Alliance of Mental Illness) Hernando.


Naresh Menezes, MD is board certified in internal medicine and infectious disease and has been affiliated with Access Health Care since 2004. Dr. Menezes is also involved in public health care and has been affiliated with the HIV clinic at the Hernando County Health Department since 2005. His service at the HIV clinic is voluntary and he derives great satisfaction from the care he provides to Hernando County’s public health community. Dr. Menezes received his medical degree from St. Johns Medical College, Bangalore, India. He completed residency in internal medicine at St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital Center in New York City and performed his fellowship in infectious disease at the world renowned Long Island Jewish Medical Center in New York.




Dr Yogish Kudva :Are artificial pancreas vulnerable to cyber attacks

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A team of researchers explains that million of lives potentially depends on the resilience to cyber attacks of a new generation of “artificial pancreas.”

Medical devices are open to cyber attacks, many studies have demonstrated that a large number of a new enration of medical equipment could be affected by security flaws that could be exploited by hackers.

A few weeks ago, a group of researchers reported that drug infusion pumps are affected by numerous remotely exploitable vulnerabilities that could open the doors to hackers, now we will discuss about “artificial pancreas” used to manage the administration of insulin to diabetics.

The artificial pancreas could be vulnerable to cyber attacks that can alter the insulin level transmitted from a glucose monitor to the insulin pump.


According to a post published in the journal Diabetes, Technology and Therapeutics, the Dr. Yogish Kudva along with other colleagues analyzed the resilience of artificial pancreas to cyber attacks. Kudva highlighted the need to carefully evaluate the security of the devices and its components.

“We wanted to make sure that this important aspect of the field was adequately addressed as we get ready at scaling up on our studies,” explained the Dr. Kudva.

The mechanism behind the artificial pancreas is quite simple, the patient blood sugar is measured by a glucose meter that transmits the blood sugar value to the insulin pump which manages the insulin dose depending on it.

Dr. Kudva explained that data must be encrypted to avoid tampering that could allow attackers to change the insulin level with serious repercussion on the health of the patient.

“I think the most important issue to get security people more involved,” said Kudva. “I don’t think there is enough security expertise at this time.”

Despite the results of the test on the “artificial pancreas” aren’t yet available, security experts and medical staff agree on the need to implement security measures to protect the devices and introduce back up or warning mechanism to respond in case of attack.

In the specific case, an alarm could be triggered when the artificial pancreas intends to inject anomalous quantities of insulin.

The security implemented for medical devices is crucial, the new generation of medical equipment are always online and manages a huge quantity of sensitive data, for this reason the security must be a pillar of their design.

“I think that’s the next step,” Kudva said of the closed-loop “artificial pancreas” development.

Let’s wait for the results of the test.


The German Consulate to support Unit of Hope at Saint Johns

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The German Consulate General in Bengaluru on Wednesday announced that it will support Christoffel Blindenmission’s (CBM) “Unit of Hope” at St John’s Medical College Hospital.

German Consul General John Rohde, who visited the hospital on Wednesday, said that the Consulate will upgrade and equip the low vision clinic in the Unit of Hope.

As part of the support, the project will get hand-held mobile diagnostic equipment to assess low vision. These can be used both at the unit in the hospital or even outside during health camps.

The support will be provided within the Consulate’s micro-project scheme so that more services related to diagnosis of low vision reach to a higher number of children with visual and multiple disabilities.

Later, interacting with presspersons, Mr. Rohde lauded the Unit of Hope project and termed it as a unique project for children with disability. He said it should be replicated across the country.

Inaugurated in 2014 August, this project has been initiated by a group of doctors who felt the need to provide a comprehensive multi-disciplinary care for children with special needs.

Since its inception, the unit has taken care of nearly 2,500 children in the clinic and has evaluated many more children through various outreach programs.


A 109 year old man undergoes cataract surgery at Saint Johns

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Prof Mary Varghese -Department Of Ophtalmology- performed cataract surgery in a 109 year old man successfully- he is supposed be the oldest man to undergo cataract surgery in the world.
Congrats madam from all us .
See the link below to madam's interview with news channel

Dr Rakesh Ramesh




Dr Thomas Chandy starts a new scholarship for new medical students at Saint Johns Medical College through the Alumni Association

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Image result for dr thomas chandy
After some deliberation and soul searching I  decided that this was a suitable time for me to start a scholarship at John's my Alma Mater through my charitable foundation (The Dr. Thomas Chandy Foundation)which is for poor school students. Saint Germains in Bangalore my old primary school has assistance from me in the form of scholarships at this time.My charity also helps poor patients and students of music who cannot afford their fees.

I started a similar scholarship at The Bangalore School of music, where the interest pays for the tuition fees of two or three music students.
Having  had the experience doing this in the past ,when  the Alumni Association got their own 80G I felt this would be something I should do. I chose an individual scholarship as opposed to a group of Johnites contributing as the accountability and transparency would be better for all concerned.

I realized that all the previous scholarships from our days, of Rs 5000 or 10000 (which was a big amount those days) the interest is Rs 450 and 900 respectively per year which today is a miniscule amount due to inflation and much higher fees presently.,I figured that to make a difference a scholarship today should be Rs 6 to 10 lakhs which  why I decided on the 10 lakhs.
Another motivating factor for making this donation was that during my MBBS days at St. Johns I was the youngest of 8 children. My father was First Corporation Commissioner, and later the Registrar of the Karnataka high court. Being on a senior officials government salary, which may have seemed good at the time, he did have some strain in educating and graduating 8 kids, as well as getting 4 girls married. At the present time I see some  teenagers opting out of joining private medical colleges, and joining Government colleges, due to  lack of funds. This scolarship is intended for this group of new students having very high grades, and are bright but their parents are unable to afford the high cost of medial school. I am hoping this  scholarship will help one first MBBS student annually.

I would urge any Johnite that has  the financial means to do so  to also help the students joining Johns who cannot pay the high fees that it now takes to graduate. I hope to do more for needy students in the future

Thomas Chandy
Chairman and Chief of Orthopaedics,
Hosmat Hospital, Bangalore.
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