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Johnites Dr's Ashley D'cruz and Dr Lloyd Vincent help to spread the message on World Kidney Day

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Dr. Ashley D'Cruz and Dr. Vincent Lloyd unveiling the book

Bangalore, March 12, 2014: As a prelude to World Kidney Day observed on March 13 worldwide, Institute of Kidney Disease and Transplantation at Narayana Health City today organized a unique interactive session for kidney patients, donors and doctors. Transplant recipients and kidney donors attended the meet, interacting with doctors and sharing their experience about life after a transplant. Dr. Devi Shetty, Chairman, Narayana Health was present on the occasion and released a book titled Second Heart’ authored by Dr. Sandeep Huligal.

The session started with an introductory talk by Dr. Lloyd Vincent, HOD and Senior Consultant Nephrologist, Narayana Health City with the focus on this year’s theme – ‘Chronic Kidney Disease and aging’. Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) can develop at any age but becomes common with increasing age. Chronic kidney failure is associated with complications, which are debilitating and impose a serious detriment to quality of life. The change can be brought about with large awareness campaign promoting preventive behaviors, facilitate early screening of people with diabetes and hypertension, so as to prevent early onset of dialysis in India.

Addressing the participants, Dr. Lloyd Vincent, said, “Kidney disease is a silent killer and the need-of- the-hour is to promote preventive measures, encourage early screening and stimulate positive thinking about organ donation and transplantation.” He further added, “Renal diseases are fairly common in people with diabetes, but unfortunately, the nature of disease is such that most people have no symptoms until it is has progressed to an advanced stage.”

Kidney donors and transplant recipients were the real life heroes at the event, who came together and shared their experiences, in a hope to help others manage the challenge. The transplant recipients gave insights about how they lead lives after transplantation. The educative programme also showcased the innovations in screening for kidney disease by with taking images of the retina, which can detect signs of renal diseases through the eye. The programme concluded with a talk by Dr. Rammohan Bhat, and Dr. Krishna Kishore, Consultant Nephrologist, Narayana Health City who spoke about combating the rise in kidney disease.

Narayana Health City had recently conducted screening camps to stress on the aspect that Eye Screening can help detect Kidney disease at an early stage, especially in elderly diabetic patients. The aim of the event was to raise awareness, encourage prevention and educate people about various aspects of kidney disease, proper diagnosis and treatment.

The World Kidney Day aims to increase awareness and promote this life-saving procedure and the donors who make it possible. About 1 in 10 people suffer from some form of kidney damage and every year, millions die prematurely of complications related to kidney. Today, diabetic involvement of the kidney (diabetic nephropathy) represents a major and growing health problem among the elderly. According to a recent study, diabetic nephropathy is found in 40% of diabetic patients and 10% will progress to dialysis or kidney transplantation.


A new Novel By Dr Kavery Nambisan

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A Town Like Ours: Book by Kavery Nambisan

Overview: A Town Like Ours

' why have they come, why did they choose Pingakshipura of all places... Are they seeking or are they running away? Nourishing myself with bidi fumes, I watch, listen and think. I want to know.'

Pingakshipura-where the water runs a poisonous black and the hair on every child's head is white. And yet, it is a village-turned-town like any other in India, where every life hides a story. Reclining on her thin mattress in a room at the corner of the temple, Rajakumari, retired whore and long-time resident of the town, shares with us some of these stories. Of Saroja and Sampathu, unlikely lovers and parents who have both fled scenes of murder. Of Kripa and Manohar, the childless couple discovering something new about each other after long years of marriage. Of Lectric Mamu, injured by the infidelity of the one woman who is immune to his charms. Of Gundumani, the boy with the crooked leg and his almost-sister, Rukmini. Of the temple priest, one-time servant of the red-eyed Pingakshi, who birthed thetown's new divinity-Sugandha Enterprises.

In her seventh novel, Kavery Nambisan takes us again, with great sensitivity and fierce clarity, into the heart of rural and small-town India, and into the lives of everyday people, where everything is extraordinary.

to know more about the book or purchase use the link


Dr Wheels and His Classic Beauties

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Photo: Vindo Kumar T

If you like frequenting Bangalore’s periodic vintage car rallies and gawk at the gleaming chrome and steel beauties on display, chances are that you would have bumped into Dr Ravi Prakash, (batch 1976)a cardiothoracic surgeon-turned-vintage car collector. Impeccably clad, exuding enthusiasm and bonhomie, Prakash is a familiar figure at any event associated with vintage motor vehicles.

A national racing champion in the 1980s, Prakash quit the medical profession and car racing to pursue his passion of collecting vintage cars. Since he first acquired a 1937 Sunbeam Talbot back in 1979, his collection has absorbed all his time and energy turning even his family—wife Sabeena and daughters Rupali and Shefali—into enthusiasts.

He encouraged his daughters’ interest in vintage cars from a young age and the entire family has travelled across the world to attend vintage car shows. Prakash says one of the proudest moments in his life was at Pebble Beach, California, in 2012, when his daughters became the youngest drivers to ever lead the parade. “A 22-year-old driving a 105-year-old car,” he beams.

Now his elder daughter Rupali is expanding this family hobby into a business venture. Taking inspiration from Mini Coopers and Royal Enfield motorbike, Rupali makes and sells a range of merchandise, including T-shirts, laptop sleeves and cushion covers under the label Roadster ( “My mission is to create an awareness of these beautiful, timeless machines among young people—both boys and girls. I want my generation to truly understand how precious and special these cars are and preserve them for the future,” she says. “It was such an honour when my family was invited to Pebble Beach. It has been my father’s lifelong dream to enter this competition, and we were among the few Indians ever invited. An added honour was to be able to drive a 1907 Locomobile with my sister at the event.”

Passing of the torch on to the next generation is very important to Prakash. It is this notion that motivates his next project, setting up of a museum in Bangalore. And he has the perfect location and space as well. On his farm in Rajarajeswari Nagar, the doctor has something quite fascinating hidden away. Among the mango trees on the edge of the city lie a cluster of large sheds, each housing a part of his personal collection of vintage and classic cars, motorbikes and carriages. Over the years, the range of vehicles has grown to over 225 cars, 60 bikes and 20 carriages. A visit to his collection is a dream for any car enthusiast. His office is a museum itself with books on cars, car models, car ashtrays, vases, paperweights, posters and car photos.

“I want people to enjoy the collection for generations to come,” says Prakash. In addition to putting his vehicles on display, he is also allowing access to over 17,000 books, journals and magazines on cars. The museum will be run by a charitable foundation and when it opens in 2016, its profits will go towards treating victims of road accidents.

The realisation of the dream to set up a museum has been a family effort. This passion clearly runs in the family and Rupali hopes to use her young company Roadster as a medium and “keep the passion for these works of art alive both within me as well as everyone around.”

The grand Auto Show 2016

The museum will showcase Dr Prakash’s collection of 225 cars, 60 bikes and 20 carriages.

It will also provide access to 17,000 books and journals on cars.

It will be run by a charitable foundation and is expected to open by 2016. All profits will go towards treating victims of road accidents.


Videos of the H J Mehta Oration 2014

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Three part video of the HJ MEHTA ORATION 2014

Part 1

part 2

part 3



Dr Rajiv Radhakrishnan is the newly elected President of the North American Alumni Chapter

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Dr Rajiv Radhakrishnan from batch 1997 has been declared winner for the post of President of the North American Alumni Chapter of the Saint John's.This election was historic in the sense that the chapter held it's first electronic balloting under the leadership of it's present President Dr Jovita Crasta .His term begins in January 2015 and ends December 2016.Congratulations Dr Rajiv on your newly elected position and wish you the best.Below is the note from Dr Vish Ananthraman who conducted the election using election buddy for the same.A special thanks goes out to Dr Sharon Doss who tirelessly worked on getting all the email addresses of the Johnite Alumni in the USA so that they could be part of this electoral process.

Thank you all for the great turnout for this first electronic voting
elections. I am pleased to announce Rajiv Radhakrishnan, Batch of '97
as the new President

Ballots Cast - 152 of 344 - 44.2%
Carol D'Souza -47 votes - 31.1%
Rajiv Radhakrishnan - 104 votes - 68.9%
Abstained - 1


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