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Carl Britto another Rhodes Scholar

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Carl Britto intern from Saints John's is the newest Rhodes Scholar 2014 .He is from batch 2009.Saint John's now has seven Rhodes scholars from 1963 and onwards.

Carl Britto, will be pursuing a degree in primary health care at Oxford.Community pediatics is his line of interest. Most of his research has been in the field of pediatrics particularly in neonatology.He is a three  time triple jump national bronze medalist and junior state record holder in the same event.He has won 13 university athletic medals with 2 university records and plays centre half for the Johns hockey team

His academic awards include the Ram Dharain award for Urology and the Fr. Thomas Kalam prize for research. Also completed the ICMR STS 2013.Outreach activities include Flood relief at J&K in oct 2014, Orphan camps with the Catholic club orphans trust and Missionaries of charity.Carl also helped organise a pilot rural exposure educational experience to Christian Hospital, Chhatapur

Congrats Carl you make us proud.


Professor Dileep Lobo recognized for his work

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03 Jun 2014 16:30:23.738

From software designed using principles of philosophy, to plants which can fix nitrogen from the air, The University of Nottingham's inaugural Knowledge Exchange and Innovation Awards showcased the impact of University research on business and society.

Incorporating projects from all of the University’s faculties and its campuses in the UK, China and Malaysia, the Awards highlighted numerous examples of the vast breadth and diversity of the work of academics. It was at this event that Professor Dileep Lobo received his award under category Knowledge Exchange Award: Societal Impact

Professor Lobo is Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and he was recognized for his work on  in ‘Improving patient outcome by optimizing perioperative fluid therapy’

to read more click on this link


Collaboration between two Johnites to help with a successful kidney transplantation

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Dear Dr Titus Augustine and Dr Vincent,

Let me have a chance to express my deepest gratitude for your incredible efforts and support to save Mr Amare Mezgebu who had faced a deadly kidney disease by simply saying " You are extraordinary; thank you very much!".
I am totally baffled by the story that I heard from Mr Amare regarding the support they got particularly from Dr Vincent.
May the almighty God bless your life, work, and family. I wish you a long live.
The following post is copied from my social media pages FYI.
A couple of months ago, we appealed for help to save our x-uni friend Deacon Amare Mezgebu, a college teacher and father of two who had faced a total failure of his two kidneys (see this video:
Thanks to the Almighty God that he now has made through a successful Liv-Donor Kidney Transplantation at the Narayanan Health Hospital in Bangalore and reunited with his family in Ethiopia. He and his kidney donor, the mother, are currently in a very good health.
Dozens of thanks to Dr Titus Augustine of Manchester Royal Infirmary who showed incredible sympathy and helped Mr Amare get connected and access treatments at a much far discounted rate in Bangalore; Dr Lloyd Vincent who led the transplantation and offered extraordinary ongoing support to Dn Amare and to the kidney donor and his team at NH as well as everyone who helped him financially, by prayers, and in any other way.
In the group photo left to right: W/ro Tirualem - Amare's Kidney donor and mother, Dn Amare, Dr Lloyd Vincent, W/ro Tadila attendee and Dn Amar's wife.
With best regards,
Y Haile ICTs for Development The University of Manchester


The historic first South Indian Saint Johns Alumni Reunion

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On Behalf of the Alumni Association, let me say we are absolutely chuffed with the response that we received @ Ground 0 in Kochi. The creation of our South India Chapter would not have been possible if it were not for a host of people who toiled hard for weeks & had a vision!!

Thank you to the Joy twins' as I call them..Jino Joy & Binu Joy for all the hard work & networking they put in. Anoop Sebastian deserves special mention for his work, efforts & hospitality on the day; Jeena Deepu & Deepu George Thank you for hosting the 4 of us for the night & the wonderful food & putting up with all our antics till 2 am the night before & having to juggle your 3 lil kids along with 4 big ones the next morning!! Thank you to Fr Mathew for making all the arrangements for us at the Ashir Bhavan hall & for celebrating the truly are a Johnite (Jino please convey to the good padre our gratitude!).

Thanks to Dr Anil Abraham & Dr Sanjiv Lewin for arranging their own travel to join us in the academic exercise for the bonders that was extremely well received. We had 33 bonders' on record excluding the rural sr docs who were not fact for the academic exercise/refresher course in the morning, we registered around 72 Johnites! Thanks to Dr Tom Jose our Orthopaedic Johnite for the didactic talk & the 'hands-on' demonstration that was a novel idea & went down well with the bonders (2003 PG batch if am correct...Jino will know best...again he does not seem to be on here...please convey our greets...he was on call & put things on hold just to do his session on orthopaedics & leave!) Thanks to Binu Joy too who delivered the session on 'Radiology' needless to say to an audience paying rapt attention.Thanks to all the other bonders & friends' of the gr8 Jino who did a lot of the odds-n-ends work & were indispensable...please do tag them all on this thread Jino even if I forget names. Thanks to Dasari Prudhvi for the photography along with Binu Joy.

Thanks to all who came along for the 'boat-ride' after the sessions were over & made it a special occasion.
A Big Thank you to Deepu George for taking over the reins of the newly formed South India Chapter along with his team...Dr Sr Annie Sheela, Dr Babu Francis (Big Bobs), Dr Alex Chakiath & the demure but dependent Dimple George. The TN representatives proposed were Uday George Zachariah & Rony George & are yet to confirm their acceptance as they were not present but we hope they will accept. Last but not the least by any means, a HUGE THANK YOU to ALL the JOHNITES in KERALA (many of whom postponed prior commitments to be there with us & some who could not come & expressed their inability but were there in 'spirit'!)...take a Bow ladies & Meenakshi Ramoo Bharath has said, there were senior johnites from the first batch to the junior-most bonders' & thanks to all who voiced their opinions including the Sr Docs & our jfbg heart-throb Kuriakose Skaria @ the GBM we held where it was truly wonderful that we got to hear each one's name & batch & what they do nowadays.....that was the highlight of the day for me! We had a few good laughs...quite a that I remember was when Sanjiv informed us that batch of '81 had beaten batch of '82(who were all asked to raise their hands & duly did so,,,bakras ) 27-0 on the hockey pitch!! Irwin Lasrado mate you hold an un-enviable sure ????? ?????? will find time to rub it in. Thank you all...request the Joy brothers' to please tag all the guys who worked behind the scenes in Kochi...this is a tribute to them all!!

A Grand total of 120 Johnites attended & their data was duly collected by our hard working com sec!!

the link to the entire album  is below you may need to copy and paste it on to your browser


First South Indian Chapter(Kerala) Alumni Reunion

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Dear Alumni,'
I write to remind you of the impending Kerala Reunion @ Kochi this upcoming Sunday the 19th of October!
Enclosing the poster for the event that is self-explanatory.
What the poster does not stress on is that we look forward to meeting you with your families' et al.
Please do patronise the event & come in large numbers....we aim to make history by creating a South India Chapter for the first time at this reunion!!
Meenakshi & self will be flying down to meet you all & chair the tiny meeting post lunch!
Trust all Sugam!?
Look forward to meeting you all on Sunday...please pass on this info to all your friends & fellow johnites who may Not be on this site or have access to email or not listed here but in the region....thanks!
Dr Praveen 'sparrow' Rodrigues

President, Alumni Association

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